Thursday, April 24, 2014

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File:White wall (Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery).jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I have spent my days with you, inside you.
You stare at me, blank, but I have to leave you.
You have been my company during the days,
that were red and some were blue.
You are white and so you will remain.
Not a mark on your pure white soul.
I will miss you, my bedroom wall.
For you have heard me laugh and heard me bawl.

*As a part of NaPoWriMo. #24
*The prompt by NaPoWriMo today was: "to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like. If that sounds a bit hard, remember that one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems was about a wall.
*Also, do visit my friends who are participating in the challenge. You won't be disappointed.


  1. even walls have ears ...

  2. Now I miss the home I was born and raised in. We shifted 2 yrs back.

  3. So deep and profound Pooja. I have changed a lot of houses and there is always this special corner, my corner with ears who has known all my secrets and who has been there for me. Touched!

  4. Wow Pooja and condidering you have just moved these feeling are totally relateable. I still remember my special corner or place in my old house :)


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