Sunday, July 24, 2011

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It has been really long since I last posted. I have just been making full use of the awesome weather which has been just perfect to laze around. In other words, I have been plain lazy. I love writing, no doubts about it. But, it had become such a routine to post every weekend that I badly needed to do other things, like catch up with a few friends, read a few books, travel a bit and most importantly spend more time with my family. And it has been a lot of fun and an enriching experience. Now, I am back to what I intend to do on a regular basis- keep my blog active. Hard luck, you need to bear with me for some more time till I find something/someone even more interesting!!!

Like all my previous posts, I am alienating myself from the main topic that  I am here to talk about. Old habits die hard and mine wouldn’t even die since they have been on a potion of elixir for very long, the elixir being ‘constant practice’ to keep old habits alive and happening. Okay, I was just trying to be funny and I know, for a fact, that I have failed miserably once again. It is time to stop blabbering and come to the actual topic for which I am here today.

I watched this movie ‘Naanu, Nanna Kanasu’(read in Kannada) sometime back. An awesome movie. A story nicely woven around the relationship of a father with his daughter. I could so very well identify with the characters of the movie.

I can still remember vividly when I was a little girl who would hold my dad’s little finger and roam around our colony everyday. It was a daily ritual of ours. The times, when even a temperature of 99 would be considered too high a fever and would land me into a clinic with my dad fussing over it as if I was the only one to have experienced something like that, can never be forgotten. All the times he has overshot his budget to fend for my necessary and most of the times unnecessary purchases is still so fresh in my mind. He is such a protective father, and most of the times unnecessarily overprotective , like all fathers are, so much so that it is hard to imagine how I put up with him  sometimes. He has been always so proud of my achievements but has always been the one who has never let any of my achievements get into my head ( not that there have been too many) though I think he is a little pompous when he discusses me with his friends.

The fact that you have to work very hard to get what you desire has been instilled into me by my dad. Everytime  I needed something of great value, I really have been made to work very hard  for it, either by doing good academically or by achieving something that my parents could be proud of.

There are a lot many things that we agree to disagree and the thing that tops the list is ‘guys’ . I think it is a hard and fast rule with dads who have daughters- to suspect every guy their daughter is acquainted with. I think they get too overprotective and over concerned when it comes to guys.  I do not think they truly believe that any guy can keep their daughter happy . But, it is still true that they are the happiest beings on the day of their daughter’s marriage because all their lives, this is one thing that all fathers would have dreamt of. I know it sounds too filmy and clichéd, but, isn’t it true?

Love you dad…

PS: My mom is going to be so jealous after reading this. This is the problem being a single child. You get to be your parents’ only favourite but you get into the complexity zone for favouring one parent over the other!!!

But, a fact remains: It is hard to love anyone more than one’s mom. Love you ma…

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