Sunday, November 27, 2011

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My eyes are wet today. It happens most of the time when I end up reading books with a love story theme, however happy or tragic it turns out to be. Yes, am an emotional fool.  Did I develop this talent or was I born with it, I do not know.

I just finished reading Garth Stein’s “ The Art Of Racing In The Rain”. No, it is not a love story or is it one portraying the love between a master and his dog? I think it is. Is it a great book? Do I recommend it to others? Is it worth reading? I have no idea. I just know I totally loved the book and yes I could connect with it.

The book is all about Enzo- the dog and Denny- his master and their lives and how they manage to laugh together, cry together and play together and are united in times of happiness and tragedy. All of it narrated by Enzo as he sees it. The soul of the book portrays how Enzo is preparing himself to be a human in his next life. I want to be a dog in my next life.

I know how it is to be with dogs. I know how they feel for their masters. I wish they could speak. I wish I could understand them better. When Puchhu came into my life a few years back, I didn’t know I would experience all that I have experienced with her- joy, sadness, uncertainity, fear and all other emotions. More about Puchhu here.

She is quite old now. She comes home occasionally having found a new home which is rare for dogs since they are known to very loyal. But then, does loyalty mean to be physically present all the time? I don’t think so though I do feel very sad that she comes only occasionally nowadays. But, she was not meant to be bound to anyone. She was born free, lives freely and am sure will die freely.

Am scared of the time when she will have to renounce her body and move away from life. I have no idea if I will be able to handle it. She has been there with me whenever I have most needed her. She listens to me when all of them refuse. She loves me even when I don’t. She reassures me like no one can. If there is one thing I want to learn from her, it is to learn how to live life without any expectations, to live life like there is no tomorrow, to live like no one cares. Yes, I definitely want to be a dog in my next life!

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Does it happen to you that you wish for an apple and end up with a tomato? Do your wishes backfire? Mine do.

  • I, sometime back, had wished for fever instead of cold.  What happened? I ended up with both cold and fever. I know it was a stupid wish to ask for but running nose can be frustrating sometimes!
  • The other time, I had wished I could forget a few things in life and remain calm and peaceful. What did I forget? My E-mail account’s password and the security question.

I think my wishes are jinxed. I always ask for something , end up with the wish granted but with a twist. Can someone help?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Seriously speaking, I have never liked my name. Pooja is such a common name. Every person you know might know one or the other Pooja.  I always have felt that I should have been named something more appealing and something less common. But, for some unknown, spooky reason, I have been the only Pooja in my class throughout my schooling and college life. Some consideration I must say!

To top it all, most friends call me Poo, Pooj, Pooji and Pooh. Pooh is my favourite out of the lot. Thanks Mana..I like the way you call me :) My mom calls me Pooju sometimes. Again, these are common nick names. Well, with a common name Pooja, I couldn’t have expected to have a less common nick name.

Now you must be thinking why I am ranting about names and nick names today. Well, I was trying to create a new E-mail ID for myself with my name in it and lo, it is just not possible to create one with my actual name in it. Firstly, Pooja is a common name and if that was not enough, Sridhar is another common name. And, Pooja Sridhar in combination is another common name!!  Google gives me weird suggestions, but, I am not happy with any of them. I tried adding special characters, numbers and what not but it just does not give a proper username. If it is something I like, they seem to exist already.

I have now dropped the idea of creating a new account. I will create a new Email Id only after I get married now. My only respite is that I find a guy with an uncommon name. Atleast then, maybe I can have an Email Id which I like!

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It has been long since I last posted. This is one line you will find in most of my posts. Kya karoon..majboori hain.

I have been suffering from Rhinorrhea  from past few days. Does it ring a bell? Yes? No? Arrey kuch toh bolo. It is not something where the doctor will come and tell you with a sad face, “ I am sorry. Aap kuch hi  dino ki mehmaan hain.” Instead he might tell his son or daughter, “ Dekho beta, joker ka naakh aisa hi hota hain.” Ok, enough of this scientific melodrama. I am suffering from common cold and I think it is way too common nowadays, much against my liking. Achooo…sorry.

Bangalore weather is fluctuating so badly. I think Suryadev, Vayudev and Varundev need to come into a consensus as to who is going to make their presence felt here in November. It looks like they are fighting it out to make their presence felt and poor me is suffering because of their indecision. Why does the common man have to suffer..always? Nah..just another clichéd line. Cold thodi bedbhaav karke aata hain. My posts are turning to be in Hinglish the way, is there a term called Hinglish or am I making my own vocabulary. I wonder why I tend to talk in Hindi since my mother tongue is Kannada and that too Havyak Kannada. Maybe 3 years in Agra left its mark. I love the Hindi language. I truly do. Again, I deviated from the topic. Now that is me. Good to see that I am still me. Pat on my back.

Coming back to my current state, I hate suffering from cold, not that anyone would love suffering from it. I think it is the most disgusting things one can suffer from. If I had an option, I would have chosen fever over cold. I hate having running nose, watering eyes and sneezing. Why couldn’t God have provided me with two noses, one just for keepsake and replaceable when I am suffering from this stupid cold. Achooo..achoo..achooo. I am tired of carrying 3 hankies and 2 packets of tissues everyday. I hope it to end soon. I feel like a red nosed monkey with this cold!! Achooo..achoo..achoo.

This is it. I am ending this nonsense post. But, why did I post this in the first place?!?!?!? Hmm..kya pata. Ab yahi post karne ka mann tha..toh mann ki sun li maine.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Blogger Tips

  • Finish reading one book before moving on to the second one. Remember, you have five books to complete and three more are in the cupboard!!
  • Don’t buy books just because they are on the ‘must read’ section of some book review site. Remember 400 odd rupees spent on that award winning book? You dozed off every time you read beyond 5 pages. I hope you have learnt a lesson from it. If not, it is high time you do.
  • Getting drenched in the rain while coming back home from office is ‘sheer laziness’ . So, use the umbrella you carry and don’t be lazy. You will have to keep your nose aside if you keep getting drenched in the rain. It is already leaking more than it should.
  • Post frequently on your blogs.  Don’t spend time looking at the sky. “The sky will fall” is just an idiom. So, instead of waiting for it to fall, you can post something sane and readable in the meantime.
  • Drink lots of water. The water crisis will not end with you drinking only 4 glasses of water a day.

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