Monday, September 26, 2011

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My blog turned a year old today. The journey so far has seen a  lot of happy events,a little bit of downtime, but, has always been enjoyable.

When I decided to start my own blog, I thought it would be a child’s play since I had previously written for school and college magazines. But, I was wrong. Blogging is a different ball game altogether.I found posting regularly wasn’t easy. Time constraint, lack of topics, lack of will power didn’t help either.

It is a human tendency to be over enthusiastic when we start off with something new and then gradually the enthusiasm fizzles out. Same thing happened to me. I had to do something about it. I couldn’t leave my blog orphaned. Coming across IndiBlogger happened at the right time for me.Talking to other bloggers, reading their posts, getting my blog reviewed, receiving comments, increase in the number of followers gave me the push to continue blogging and also made me post regularly.

This post is just an excuse to thank all my readers, each and everyone of you. Also, thanks to IndiBlogger for providing the right platform for bloggers like me to connect with other like minded people. Thanks a ton guys :)

“Thoughtless Ramifications…” wouldn’t be what it is without all you wonderful people. Thanks again :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

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The cat...meow.

I have never had any major mishaps as a baby like most babies do . The reason being I found it a struggle to move around because I couldn't carry my own weight around(Look at the picture for proof). So, all I did was sit in one place and play. I never gave a reason for any mishap to occur. I know many mothers would love a baby like that.

After I grew a little older and my baby fat was lost after I started schooling, I have had my share of mishaps. One such episode is still very fresh in my mind.  I was five years old then  and used to come back home in the afternoon. My mum would then serve me lunch and  go in for her afternoon nap . There was no point of her waiting for me to finish my lunch since I would take a minimum of 3hrs to finish my food. I have been a troublesome child when it came to eating. So, on that fateful day, she served me Peas Pulav and went in for her nap.  

I sat in front of the TV, eating very slowly like I always did. Then , curiosity struck and I decided to measure the size of my nostrils. I looked around and found the pea to be the perfect tool for the task . I put the pea into one of my nostrils  and found it to be a perfect fit. I tried removing it when I realized it was time for my mum to wake up and she would scold me for doing such a thing. Then came the dreaded moment, the pea was stuck . Due to my breathing, I had pushed the pea further up my nose. When my mum woke up and came to me, she found that there was something fishy by the way I was acting. On enquiring, I blurted out the incident and she grew panicky. She tried all measures to remove the pea but all her efforts failed. The sneeze never came nor did I cough. I could still breathe with one nostril but after sometime I started feeling a little breathless, more so because of the fear of dying young. Finally, my mother took me to my neighbour’s house and the pea was finally removed after a lot of efforts.  

From that day onwards, I swore to myself that I would never experiment such a thing on myself or on others. I have been pretty harmless since then.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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I spend a lot of time travelling to and back from office and during all  these times, the radio on my phone has been one humble companion. I like it better than my music player. Radio has its own charm. A typical weekday starts with me hopping into a bus and plugging my ears with the earphones and tuning into one of the radio stations.

The radio has always proven to be a loyal companion since my college days. I feel listening to the radio is like being with a person who understand your emotions very well. It has always cheered me up with lovely songs when I have needed them the most. It has made me realize the meaning of life by playing the touching, soulful songs. It has also made me sad by playing  songs that can make me cry every time I listen to them. It has made me crazy and freaked out by playing those meaningless songs that a few composers are known for.It has made me sing and dance though I am not very good at either of them. It has made me smile and laugh by playing all those sweet-nothings that people have to say to the love of their lives. (Yeah I still remain to be a die hard romantic. I still love the feeling of love though I myself haven’t found the love of my life yet :)) .

Another thing I like about the radio is the fact that it is so close to real life. People share their experiences and yet can remain anonymous to the world. Many a times listening to these people speak and share their experiences helps you solve your life’s problems. There is an instant connection between you and the person on air and the best part is that there are less chances of being  judgmental because most of the times we judge another person by what we see and not by what we hear.

Cheers to the RJs who have to wag their tongues constantly for keeping us entertained :) I wish the time comes soon when you guys get the same recognition as our television artists because you are no less. A special mention here, thanks a lot MJ Prithvi ( For people who don’t know him, he is one of the RJs on 94.3 Radio One, Bangalore and his is the show I listen to every morning) for being a complete entertainment package. Great job dude. Rock On!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Ms. Silly strikes again. This post is just an addition to the long list of silly posts (Read this and again this) I have written and eventually posted after a ‘brain to heart ‘ talk.  As always, the heart wins over the brain and my readers suffer!!Now, before I divulge into my ponderings about how silly I can get, let me start with today’s post for which you are eagerly waiting (Now that is a joke without the laughter). Don’t expect this post to be great or even good. Like always, there is not much thought behind today’s post. It is just a collection of a few hundred words aligned to form a meaningful (hopefully meaningful) sentence.

Animals and their sheer perfection in doing the wrong things at the wrong time is what I am here to talk about. You will see why. The following will help me support my case:
  • A cat will always sneak into the house and drink the milk when you are expecting guests for tea.
  • Even the quietest of dogs will always start a brawl at night when you are extremely tired and all you want is a good night’s sleep minus the noise.
  • You will always find a cow standing in the middle of the road, not moving an inch even after incessant honking, when you are running late for office. Great will-power I say!! A bit more about cows. I wonder what they keep thinking, standing in the middle of the road. Let me guess. Is it about the huge traffic pile up in the mornings or is it some thoughts on how to make Bangalore roads pothole free or is it something more personal like some long lost love. If anyone understands this behaviour of cows, do enlighten me on the same.
  • Rats will always deliver their babies (Deliver babies??Uhhh..forget it. I didn’t find the right sentence)  in the carton box which you have stored in the attic to store coconuts. Maan gaye mummy mouse!!
  • Bats will always dirty your favourite clothes because those are their favourites too.
  • Crows will de-bead your lovely top which has been put to dry in the sun because they feel the beads arranged in a line are some rare species of tasty worms. Or do they feel the top looks better without the beads? Born fashion-designers I must say!!
  • A cockroach will always lap up on you and make you scream and screech like a fool when you are supposed to maintain absolute silence and decorum.
  • A lizard will always lose its tail under your feet when you are expecting it to be safe on the walls nibbling on some insect.
Whoever said animals aren’t humans. They are as annoying as humans sometimes, just like this post!!!

Disclaimer: I love animals .I have no grudges against any of them. The above mentioned points are instances from my life. I have personally experienced all of the above and hence I might be credited with the title of ‘official guinea pig’ for the animals to experiment and perfect their wrong timing.

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