Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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In you, I laid my extreme trust,
But, you used me to satisfy your lust,
Is that all I mean to you?
It is a fact I cannot chew.

*As a part of A-Z Challenge
*Dedicated to all victims of marital rape. 


  1. Like the fact that it's dedicated to marital rape. It's one of those things that's rampant but nothing is done to create awareness on it. Simply put.

  2. There is no relationship that thrives without trust...beautifully done Pooja
    T for Tired-Random Thoughts Naba

  3. Trust!!! How can we trust anyone now..
    This was a great one yet again...especially that you dedicated it to a strong reason.

    1. I am so scared to trust anyone nowadays.

  4. Total Trust is needed in any relationship.
    Powerful post dedicated to people who rarely speak out and are not spoken about!

  5. Strong lines and I can sense the angst in each word. With out trust no relation works

  6. That's a sad situation to be in.


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