Sunday, April 20, 2014

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I love my hair long,
I sing a silly song,
I wish I could bring my bike along,
She is my first wife to whom I belong.

Everytime I look into the mirror,
I am a fan and an admirer,
Of the awesomeness that does appear,
And don't tell anyone even by error,
But, know that my wife is a big terror. :P

*As a part of NaPoWriMo. #20
*The prompt by NaPoWriMo today was: "to write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. This can be a good way to try to distance yourself from your own experience, without reaching so far away from your own life that it’s hard to come up with specific, realistic details. But watch out! This type of exercise can also dredge up a lot of feelings. So if you think writing in the voice of your grandfather will be too heavy, maybe try the voice of your four-year-old niece. Four-year-old problems might be a little lighter in scope." So, I wrote a poem in voice of  my husband.


Admiration or contempt, bring it on!

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