Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Another misleading title guys and girls. There is no guest blogger here. I, myself feel like a guest blogger on my blog sometimes, no no, make it all the time! I have not written anything from past one month and I have a lot of things to blame but since it is me who should have found time for my so called passion “blogging”, I blame myself.

So would my New Year resolution be to post more frequently? Uhh..not really. Since I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, I have none. So, it is the end of the year and  a lot more things left to do on my blog. Yeah, I plan to do the things I didn’t do in the past one year on my blog today..the last day of 2011. Well…now that is Pooja for you. Superwoman Pooja! Cut out the craziness Pooja. Sorry, let me take a break, Awesome Bangalore weather is making me crazy, not that I was not any less crazy before, but, you see, you need to blame something or someone for something you think is not somehow right. Now that makes too many “some” in that one line..awesome!

Firstly, let me appreciate a few of my favourite bloggers whose blogs I read (I might not read all their posts, but I do follow the posts I like). They are the reason most of the times I don’t write, instead I end up reading their blogs:
  • Sunita aka Sukupedia: I love the way she writes. One mind boggling, tongue wagging blogger. I think she can write anything and everything and I never cease to like her posts. Thanks Suku for being “Just Suku” .
  • Chintan aka The Blunt Blog: Now, does she need an introduction in the world of blogging? I think every kid in the blogging world would know her. Blunt, straight and ‘cut the crap’ kind of  blogger. I don’t  think I will ever get tired of reading her posts. You rock “Miss Roark”!
  • Shrijeet aka ASS On Fire Takes You Higher: A blogger with such a unique blog name should have some mettle. He dishes out a lot of horse manure, well, no I am not saying it, it is his own words. A blogger I can connect with. His posts are just him and more him and that is why it is difficult not to click on every post of his. I think  I can dish out more than 5 posts myself with all the comments I have received from him, quite entertaining comments. Shrijeet–A Complete Entertainer.
  • Saru aka Words: Another blogger who needs no introduction. If I could write 1/10th of how she writes her poems, I would have considered myself blessed. Saru, may you always have the same flow of words you have now all your life.
  • Rahul aka Monumental Crankiness: He can play very well with his words. I don’t know how can someone have so many words in their vocabulary. Funny, entertaining and cranky. May you always retain that certain bit of crankiness that make your posts so adorable.
  • Leo aka Art à l'écriture: An awesome poet, an awesome story teller and a noble soul. I really think his stories should be published and he ought to start writing books, novels and the kind. Leo, it is such a pleasure to have come across a blogger like you and you truly deserve the best in life.
  • Jude Lopez aka Clocks and Crystal Balls: I think he is one of the most under-rated bloggers. He is a story teller beyond imagination. His style of writing is like the old time classic English literature writers. Jude, I hope your novel gets published soon and your dreams get fulfilled.
  • Purba aka A-Musing: Her blog posts are such mood lifters. If you are looking for sarcasm blended with humour, then Purba is your answer. Funny, entertaining and totally ROFL kind of posts. Purba, I bow to you!
PS: The above list is incomplete, I will add on to it in the years to come by.
Ok, so next thing I need to do before the year ends is list my favourite posts written by none other than Ms. Pooja, yeah its me! Let me see which of the posts I actually like from my blog. Please bear with me.
·      The Word Is Ma…
·      Daddy Dearest…
·      Random…
·      ............
·      Forever yours…
·      And my all time favourite, I love “love stories”…
·      I hate to accept, but BowTie series too features in the list.

Now that am done with everything I had to do, except  change the template once more for the new year, I will take your leave incase you have managed to stay till this line.
May your 2012 be filled with happiness, success and a lot of celebrations. Happy New Year ! Hope to see you more often in the coming year.

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