Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Today, I have no place to talk about.  There are other places that we have visited in Oregon, but, they will again be a repetition of the landscapes we have seen. 

But, yes, there is one place I want to mention - Silver Falls State Park. It is about 2 hrs drive from Beaverton. It is a set of 10 falls, from North Falls to the South falls. The walking trail is around 6.9 miles to see all of the falls but we only covered around 5.1 miles covering about 8 falls. The good thing about these falls is that we can go behind the waterfalls, atleast 4 out of 10 falls.  The path is not very easy nor is it very difficult to tread on. The falls are serene and are each different from the other. I guess I will stop at this because I have no idea how to describe something that needs to be experienced.

*As a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge !


  1. Chapter 8 on Oregon, Now I wonder it would have been nice if you could have written Prologue and Epilogue for this. :D

    1. This is end of the series. The 3 days that are left in July are going to feature BowTie. :-)

  2. lovely pictures poo... and really BowTie are gonna come back ♥♥ that is such a good news.. give them my love wogay and kisses too mmmmuuuaaahhhhh


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