Friday, July 5, 2013

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A quick post for today since I was busy visiting a lot of places in Oregon.
The husband was driving the car. Here, in US, we have an automatic. Back in India, we have a car with manual gear settings. My question to him was simple: "I understand we use our right leg for both accelerator(gas) and brake and the left leg for clutch in India.But, here, since we don't have a clutch, why can't we use right leg exclusively for accelerator(gas) and left leg exclusively for brake?" He didn't say a word. But, I now feel I will never get to drive again here. I wonder why. O_o

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  1. Heeheee.. It's a really complicated problem,no? Lol
    I once asked my dad whether my car insurance will be valid if I drive the car through the back seat. Since then, he gives me a smug look whenever I tell him I am taking the car!

    1. was such an innocent koschen :P

  2. That was actually a simple and logical question which I also had but after my recent trip to Norway I got the answer. Btw, did you get the answer? No, tell me I will tell you :)

    1. I did, I did. Just that am not driving yet. :D


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