Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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दुनिया के नियमो को ठुकराके हम चल दिए,
उनका हाथ थामे हम उनमे ही ढल लिए,
परेशान न होना ए दोस्तों,
जिसकी चाहत थी उसीके साथ हम खिल लिये।


Rejecting the rules of the world, I walked,
Holding his hands, I became one with him,
Don't worry my friends,
I blossomed, with the one I pursued.

P.S: This is an autobiographical write up of a flower. The essence is as follows:
The flower rejects the norm of the world and becomes one with him. She tells her friends not to be worried because she finally is with someone she always wanted to be with.
Also, the flower here has been used as a metaphor.
Who is the 'him' here? I will let you choose. :)

*As a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge !


  1. Translation by Google for those lines in Hindi was very funny and not making any sense.

    1. I saw that. It was very funny. That is the reason I had to translate it. :)

  2. you wrote that???? you wrote that thing??? it's lovely :) :) it's just superb.. my guess is the flower is 'Poo' and him is 'Abhay' :D :D :D

    & your effort at translating it was also superb..... good going gal

    1. Thanks SuKu. :) Haan..maine hi likha hain. Probably, your guess is right. :D

  3. likes!! and some more likes !! :)

  4. So you are back!! Good one, your writing is like a breath of fresh air, as always :)

    1. Yep..I was back a long time ago DS. :) Thanks for the lovely words. :)

  5. The hindi version is very beautiful and glad to know that the essence of it is your own relationship! :)


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