Thursday, July 25, 2013

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If you ask me the definition of skiing, I definitely will tell you that it is a sport where you pay money to fall and hurt yourself on slippery snow. Well, atleast that is what happened with me. 
So, today I will talk about our skiing experience here in Oregon.

I am not a big fan of adventure sports. I cringe when someone even mentions it. But, my dear husband was born to be just opposite of what I am. He loves his adventure sports. So, we decide that we are going to Mt.Hood for skiing. Now, Mt.Hood is about one hour drive from Beaverton. The route is very scenic with many waterfalls that can be seen enroute. And thankfully, for us, it was sunny that day.

I had never been to a snowy place before. This was going to be my first place where there would be snow and so I was excited. When we reached there, I was confident that I would ski and conquer the mountain. But, the moment I wore the skiing shoes, my confidence dropped to level zero. The shoes were so heavy that it was getting difficult to even left my legs. But, I didn't show it first because I didn't want to disappoint the husband of mine. So, with full confidence, I joined him for the skiing class we had. Our guide taught us a lot of tricks on how to ski and how to wedge and everything. I was finding it difficult to grasp it all. But, I knew, after a fall or two, I would be able to manage it.

So, when we started skiing, my husband seemed to be an expert at it while I was falling more than often and it was really embarrassing to see kids as young as 4 years old doing it so well and here I was, falling after every ski before I could wedge. After the third fall or so, I started getting a pain above my ankle. I don't know if I was scared, or had twisted my ankle or was overwhelmed by the fact that I was on snow for the very first time in my life or was it the jeans and the shoes crushing my skin beneath them, but I was in pain. The doc came to examine me and he realized it was the shoe and the jeans and the thermals under it that was crushing my ankle. Wearing jeans was a wrong thing to do, and I had thermals under it to protect me from cold, but that proved to be even bigger a mistake since I had too many layers of clothing and the tight shoes crushing my leg. So, I decided to stop skiing. I didn't want to hurt myself more than I had. So, as I sat, my husband continued his expertise skiing. After some time, we decided to get back home. 

So, this November, we are going back and I will not make the mistake I made the last time.

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  1. hahahaha skiing is a sport where you pay money to fall hahahaha... still laughing :D :D

    don't worry gal now that you know next time you will master it :D


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