Friday, July 26, 2013

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Today is my hubby's birthday (India Time), ie, 27th of July, and I am thinking what to post. I was busy baking a cake for him, so didn't have much time in the morning. Now, sitting and thinking what to write, I decided I should talk about the "Tulip Fest" that happens in Woodburn every year. 

Let me tell you upfront that I hate flowers. I absolutely hate flowers, the normal ones, even more than the weird ones. But, I like flowers that are misshapen or wild. So, when we decided to go to the Tulip Fest, I was all agitated. But, my photographyphilic husband wanted to go there and capture a few photos. So, we did go there and let me tell you the scene was beautiful with all Tulip flowers blooming in different colours. But, I did get bored after sometime and my husband enjoyed being there. So, today's post will have more photos from that trip. Not a trip actually, Woodburn is just 45 minutes from home. So, do enjoy the photos.

Before that, here is the cake I baked today.

Now, the Woodburn photos. :p

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  1. Happy Birthday to him. And, if you get chance then go to Tulip garden Keukenkhof in Amsterdam. You would love to see the Tulips.

    1. I hate flowers, but I will tell the husband that. :)

  2. oh! I missed this post... so sorry ... that cake looks deilicious... is it black forest ??looks like that and wishing Abhay a very very happy birthday :) :) .. isn't this his first after marriage?

    1. Yes, it is his first birthday after marriage. And, SuKu, it is Black Forest. :)


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