Saturday, July 27, 2013

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As I was thinking of the post to write for today, I realized it is Saturday today and hence decided to write about Portland. Portland is the city we landed in when we reached the state of Oregon. I was misled initially that Portland is the capital city of Oregon due to its popularity, but, I now know that Salem is the capital city of Oregon.

Street of Saturday Market 
One Saturday, we decided to hit the Portland Downtown when we first bought the car to see the cherry blossom there. So, we drove down to the city which is about 20-30 minutes from Beaverton. We headed to Waterfront park in Portland which is very famous for the  Hawthorne Bridge on the Willamette River, and were surprised to see the view from there which was quite exciting for a downtown. It being a Saturday, we saw a lot of fair and stall kind of environment and we headed there only to realize that it was the famous Saturday Market which is famous for artisans showcasing their craftsmanship and it has an old world charm.

Cherry blossoms which should have been pink. :(

As it had rained just the previous week, we couldn't see the cherry blossoms and the trees were green in colour instead of pink. :( But, we saw pink everywhere - a pink coloured square box which had "Voodoo Doughnuts" written on it and we saw atleast one out of every person carrying the box. We thought it must be very famous and went in search of the store and what we saw was something very surprising. There was a long long queue outside the store and we realised that it would take us more than an hour to get into the store and hence we came back without tasting the world famous Voodoo Doughnuts. After this visit, we had been to Portland for couple of times, but, everytime, we have missed on the doughnuts. The Max service is pretty good out there and it has few of the very authentic Oregonian stores that is rare nowadays.

All in all, Portland is one place we go very often just to see many people like we do back home because we miss seeing many people here in Beaverton.

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  1. I had a friend in Portland couple of years back. I think she was with Belk then. From what I have heard of the place, it seems to be a lovely city with beautiful parks and architecture.

    1. Yes,Oregon is beautiful. The diverse landscape makes it all the more interesting. Portland in particular has a lot of places that are a must visit.


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