Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Seriously speaking, I have never liked my name. Pooja is such a common name. Every person you know might know one or the other Pooja.  I always have felt that I should have been named something more appealing and something less common. But, for some unknown, spooky reason, I have been the only Pooja in my class throughout my schooling and college life. Some consideration I must say!

To top it all, most friends call me Poo, Pooj, Pooji and Pooh. Pooh is my favourite out of the lot. Thanks Mana..I like the way you call me :) My mom calls me Pooju sometimes. Again, these are common nick names. Well, with a common name Pooja, I couldn’t have expected to have a less common nick name.

Now you must be thinking why I am ranting about names and nick names today. Well, I was trying to create a new E-mail ID for myself with my name in it and lo, it is just not possible to create one with my actual name in it. Firstly, Pooja is a common name and if that was not enough, Sridhar is another common name. And, Pooja Sridhar in combination is another common name!!  Google gives me weird suggestions, but, I am not happy with any of them. I tried adding special characters, numbers and what not but it just does not give a proper username. If it is something I like, they seem to exist already.

I have now dropped the idea of creating a new account. I will create a new Email Id only after I get married now. My only respite is that I find a guy with an uncommon name. Atleast then, maybe I can have an Email Id which I like!


  1. Eeeks.. Poo.... Chee... Isshhh.. Yikess... BLAH...

    Itna achha lamba-chauda Abhibhavakon ne naam rakha hai.. why shorten it to... of all the things in the world.. to POOOO...

    Ohh.. Wait a min.. Winnie the Pooh... Anyways.. I Digress.

    Buhahahaahahahaaa.... (Evil Laugh)

    I have never had any trouble in finding my name's Email Id in any of the sites around. I guess I am the only one with my name in the world.
    Yes I Gloat

    Hard luck to all the Abhisheks, Amits, Divyas, Swatis and yaa of course Poojas of the World..

    P.S. - I think I have had err....7 Pooja's in my classes till now.


  2. I don't want to be called Poo. Poo with a 'h' is fine. But, just Poo. Exactly same emotions Shrijeet..eeeekss :(

    Lucky you to have an unique name.

    7 Poojas?? Wholesale mein naam rakh diya tha kya?

    SO uncommon.. I still have to know the meaning of my name! :|

  4. @ AnuRanjani: Even I tried searching for the meaning of your name. I didn't get any. Would love to know what it means.

  5. Buahahahahahha, even I have found it difficult to find an email ID with my name (putting the title together) :(
    And I was taken to horror when I saw the doctor in the movie names Animesh. God, I don't want this name to be common :(
    Story in pieces

  6. @ Animesh: I didn't know Animesh was so common that you find it difficult to create the right Email ID. I thought it is a very rare name. So am proved wrong eh?

    Chalo..good to know that am not the only one cribbing :p

  7. Even I thought so till the time I did not get animesh.mishra at my company:(

  8. Well, Pooja we have complementary names... Pooja and Arti!! My name too, is very common... On top of it, there cannot be many nicknames possible with my name too!!

  9. @ Animesh: Oh that way am lucky. Atleast that ID of mine is perfect :)
    @ Arti: I know Arti :'( So sad for both of us:(

  10. Try PoojaBlogs if it is for blogs and comments :D

    :P Pooja Mishra ko chhod ke kuchh bhi bano, I think that's the name of the girl in BB5?

    And, Why the hell had I not joined your blog earlier? Oh! I think I had the feed till that fateful day when I deleted all the feeds :|


    And stupidly enough, linking my what's in a name POV :D

    Chintan Gupta

  11. The ending was really nice to look for a guy with unusual name!!Good post..

  12. @ Chintan: :p For blogs? He he..I don't have any followers mailing me.
    I wonder why they name weird characters Pooja?

    @ Rahul: Thanks a lot:) I hope that the ending is nice in my real life too.

  13. @AnuRanjani...

    Hmmm...Let's Analyse by breaking down your name into simple parts

    "Ranjani" - The one who entertains others or the one who brings joy to others.


    "Anu" - Something Small or Little.

    So my best guess would be:
    "AnuRanjani" - The small girl/little child who brought/brings joy to everyone .

    Shrijeet - Which I think means someone who wins over or gets all the Good things in life

  14. @ Shrijeet: Good analysis. I am wondering how I forgot the 'split and search' rule myself :'(

  15. Lol :D
    Nick names are like that only, People call me Dipu, Dipda, Dips, etc...
    Pooja as a name is quite soothing actually... Its much better than Pia or Tia or something like that!!

  16. You think you have it bad ? My name went from Roshan to Dosa to Rotten...

  17. @ DS: Yeah I think its a rule that nick names are supposed to sound funny :D
    @ Dr. Roshan: Dosa?? Well, someone must love Dosas to such an extent that they can see it everywhere :p

  18. Every time I search on Facebook for Hemal and I get a mix of girls and guys (some times aunties too) and thats exactly when I start feeling bad :( Why in the world a name that is Unisex for me?

    Pooh (okay as I say that, some dust unsettled on my laptop) is a nice nick name. I have a colleague by the name of Atri! Arti shud find that interesting. How does jaPoo sound?

  19. hehehehehehe, for the very first time m not feeling shame for my name !
    hehehehehehehehehehehe why why why ????

  20. @ Hemal: Ha ha.. JaPoo is nice. Oh so my nicknames also help people clear off the dust on their laptops eh? Nice :p

    @ Ajay: :D Yeah you are not alone :)

  21. came through Sunita's blog.
    yes, Pooja is a common name & surprised that in school/college you were the only one in class :)
    an email id with this combination sure is tough

  22. @ Sujatha: Thanks for visiting Sujatha :)

    Yes, I am equally surprised that I have been the only Pooja throughout my schooling and college life. Some respite you know:)


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