Sunday, November 27, 2011

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My eyes are wet today. It happens most of the time when I end up reading books with a love story theme, however happy or tragic it turns out to be. Yes, am an emotional fool.  Did I develop this talent or was I born with it, I do not know.

I just finished reading Garth Stein’s “ The Art Of Racing In The Rain”. No, it is not a love story or is it one portraying the love between a master and his dog? I think it is. Is it a great book? Do I recommend it to others? Is it worth reading? I have no idea. I just know I totally loved the book and yes I could connect with it.

The book is all about Enzo- the dog and Denny- his master and their lives and how they manage to laugh together, cry together and play together and are united in times of happiness and tragedy. All of it narrated by Enzo as he sees it. The soul of the book portrays how Enzo is preparing himself to be a human in his next life. I want to be a dog in my next life.

I know how it is to be with dogs. I know how they feel for their masters. I wish they could speak. I wish I could understand them better. When Puchhu came into my life a few years back, I didn’t know I would experience all that I have experienced with her- joy, sadness, uncertainity, fear and all other emotions. More about Puchhu here.

She is quite old now. She comes home occasionally having found a new home which is rare for dogs since they are known to very loyal. But then, does loyalty mean to be physically present all the time? I don’t think so though I do feel very sad that she comes only occasionally nowadays. But, she was not meant to be bound to anyone. She was born free, lives freely and am sure will die freely.

Am scared of the time when she will have to renounce her body and move away from life. I have no idea if I will be able to handle it. She has been there with me whenever I have most needed her. She listens to me when all of them refuse. She loves me even when I don’t. She reassures me like no one can. If there is one thing I want to learn from her, it is to learn how to live life without any expectations, to live life like there is no tomorrow, to live like no one cares. Yes, I definitely want to be a dog in my next life!


  1. Thanks Pooja for posting this,
    I guess I had posted once before that I am a dog person as well.

    I lost my best mate, my little Chotu/Hansie/Gadha/Ghoda (He was known by many different names) couple of Months ago.

    He was with me for past 15 years, A long time in the life of a Dog, We weren't always together in the same place, as I had to move out.. But he will always be with me in Spirit and Soul.

    P.S. - I have been writing about My and Chotu's story since the day he passed away in Sept, It has grown to many thousand words till now, and I am sure I can many million more words about him. But I don't know if I will ever publish it.
    It's something very close to my heart and I am not sure if I want to share it with everyone.

    Anyways, :)

    Thanks again for Sharing.
    Shrijeet :)

  2. i loved my dog too... the cutest i ever saw :) :)

  3. @ Shrijeet: Aww. So many names. Nice:) Do post his picture sometime. Would love to see him.

    I am scared of that time Shrijeet when I would have to say goodbye to Puchhu.

    Dogs are nice, aren't they? Such wonderful beings unlike us humans :)

    @ Sunita: You too love dogs? nice and yes, dogs are the cutest beings:)

  4. I love dogs! I hated it when my dog passed away :(

  5. @ Philo: I know it must have been sad :(

  6. aaah they are the best!
    check out my bozo's blog at


  7. I recommend you should watch 'Eight Below'. You will love this movie...

  8. It's been over two years since Dingo died(would hate to call him a dog) and Maa still mourns for him.

  9. Lovable post Pooja. Dogs do have that affinity towards their masters which is so difficult to find even in humans these days...
    Cute name puchhu.

  10. @ Magiceye: Yes they are the best :) Your Bozo is so cute :) I like the way you use "My human".
    @ Saru: I think I have watched the movie. I remember crying. But, would love to watch it again :)
    @ Purba: We get so attached to them and then when they leave, it is like a void in our lives.
    @ Arti: Thanks Arti :) Yeah true. Puchhu being a stray(well..her owner left her to fend for cruel) has such manners and so much love to share that I hate calling myself a human sometimes!

  11. Chotu THE Roy Choudhary:

  12. ^^ These are from the last time I was home, and the last time I saw him :)

    He is about 15 Years "YOUNG" in these pictures :)

  13. Deja vu? Deja vu indeed! Read this....Richa talked about her dog Oreo and how she wants to be Oreo and now I am here reading about you and the dog...

    I will read more about Puchhu in the given link...

    I may end up writing about dog too, my grandma had a dog and the dog died after my grandma's demise...she didn't take my grandma's loss very well...we all lived, she gave in....


  14. I have not read any books based on the bond which a dog and his owner/master/friend feels..but I it feels to be love a dog and how it feels to lose one...I have lost two...

    You may like these movies though - 'Marley and Me' and 'Hachiko - A dog story' ..Marvelous, Heart Warming. Both Sad and happy at the same time.

    I have not written anything about them so far....only those who have lost a dog can know how it feels..

    Good Wishes for you and Puchhu!

  15. Also I read the other link with Puchhu..She looks hippy and happy with her head phones on! :D

  16. Thanks for this post Pooja,

    Reading this ... I guess Inspired is not the word I am looking for... But moved me to share my own story. :)

    Here: Chotu THE GIANT


  17. @ Chintan: I read the post by Richa.Thanks for the link:) Proved to be an awesome read. Dogs can heal and yes Puchhu has healed me whenever I have been down and out.

    Waiting for your take on your dog:)

    @ Kunal: Yes I love the movies though they leave me crying and feeling depressed at the end. Now, this makes me think that I should actually own these DVDs :)

    And about the other picture of Puchhu, that is Diwali time. She is scared of crackers. She'll not let me put cotton into her ears, so had to make do with the headphones :D

    @ Shrijeet: I am overwhelmed Shrijeet :)

  18. hey loved the write up..I can so very well connect it..they are best friends indeed :)

  19. What Enzo was to Denny, Pucchhu is to you. Not surprised you liked the book. I have a little wee dog. She is 14 years old and like my child. I don't know whether to feel sad that she doesn't run away nowadays to wherever her excitement leads her. At her grand old age, she's lost her sense of adventure although, being small and slim, is as sprightly as ever, sailing over puddles, wagging her tail in delight, smiling with excitement. But hey, it's your post. It resonates with me.

  20. the eyes are very strong bond, I loved my words

  21. @ KayEm: Thanks :) I sometimes wonder what it is to be like under the dog's skin..Am sure your dog loves wagging her tail when she sees you.

  22. Hi,
    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award.

    No this is not a spam (although I guess it sounds like one).
    I like reading your posts so thought of sharing this award with you.
    You can check it out here


  23. what surprises me really is so many of us bloggers have had dogs as pets n best friends while growing up..
    and secondly.. that my point of view about dogs at present has so drastically changed. i've blogged about it and would like to share it here, cuz it'd be directed at the right audience.
    i know i risk bein called a spammer.. but frankly, i'd like to hear the doglovers' take on it

  24. @ Manan: I read that post of yours. A different take I must say.

  25. I can't imagine a time without my dog Luci.

    1. Luci is super cute and am sure she makes the best companion. :)


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