Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Blogger Tips

  • Finish reading one book before moving on to the second one. Remember, you have five books to complete and three more are in the cupboard!!
  • Don’t buy books just because they are on the ‘must read’ section of some book review site. Remember 400 odd rupees spent on that award winning book? You dozed off every time you read beyond 5 pages. I hope you have learnt a lesson from it. If not, it is high time you do.
  • Getting drenched in the rain while coming back home from office is ‘sheer laziness’ . So, use the umbrella you carry and don’t be lazy. You will have to keep your nose aside if you keep getting drenched in the rain. It is already leaking more than it should.
  • Post frequently on your blogs.  Don’t spend time looking at the sky. “The sky will fall” is just an idiom. So, instead of waiting for it to fall, you can post something sane and readable in the meantime.
  • Drink lots of water. The water crisis will not end with you drinking only 4 glasses of water a day.


  1. * You will have to keep your nose aside if you keep getting drenched in the rain. It is already leaking more than it should.* :P

    *The water crisis will not end with you drinking only 4 glasses of water a day.*
    Hhehehehe!! :D

  2. use the umbrella you carry and don’t be lazy . Note to Self Do the same

    LOLing all the way through reading..

    On second thoughts... is LOLing even a word.. Man out generation has degraded .. but again I Digress.

    Awesome Post.. Cheers,

  3. @ Anu - :p Yeah I need to get some plumbing done for that leaking nose of mine. Blame it on Bangalore weather. It is raining cats and dogs in November.
    @ Shrijeet - :p LOLing is surely a word just like ROTFLing :D

  4. Haha! I went to this book exhibition and they had 50% off on almost all books! I couldn't resist and bought like 29 novels, each atleast 400 pages fat and now my exams started. Not that I spend the whole day studying. But reading a novel before exams seems like a sin! So now they are lying around unread. They are horror and thrillers so mum can't read them either. I don't know when am I gonna find the time to read all those books!

  5. Poojjaaaa :-D
    at least you read...i have a dozen unread :-\ and thus i have stopped buying....

    i love sky gazing too...but i have stopped....not really..but a one minute isn't enough either...keep the gaze i say....its bliss

    walk in the rain builds character....and it flows from your nose :-D

  6. @ Pooja : 29 books??Wait for the holidays. I used to do that when I was in college. I used to spend time reading the books from morning to late in the night during vacations.

    @ Chintan: I do find time to read. But, I have a few left unread and some books I am sure am not reading come what may. Just wasted money on them. I wish I could kick myself for it. Maybe I should ask mum to do it, she will oblige :p

    Yes, sky gazing is bliss. So peaceful. But you know, am waiting for the sky to fall so that I can feel it :D

    He he, I get drenched in the rain because I am lazy to unfold and fold the umbrella everytime and yes , my nose is leaking :P I have been carrying about 3 hankies and two packets of tissues everyday during rainy season :-S

  7. why bother ur mom.. i can also oblige :P :P :P and i dont mind spending money and coming there for that :D :D :D

  8. @ Sunita: Virtual kicks also might help :)

  9. hehe. Tell me about it. Good one.

  10. @ Megha: Oh so am not the only one like this :)

  11. Well you appear to be liking books.. and I agree that many of us create Anti-libraries..a term I read recently given in the book 'The Black Swan' referring to the books one buys but do not read.. Came through Leo's blog.. liked being here.. I invite you visit my space..too...

  12. @ Ramesh: There are some books I bought on impulse. After reading a few pages, I realised that they are not to my tastes. I need to be a little more careful from next time.

    Welcome here:)
    I would definitely visit your blog soon.Happy blogging..

  13. Even I love looking up at the sky and wandering. You know what I mean. Do drink lot of water dear...

  14. heheh yeah the water crisis wont end with drinking 4 glasses of water :p

  15. @ Saru: He surely is something I like watching:)
    @ Daniel: Welcome to my blog Daniel :) So so so glad to see you here :)

    @ Saru & Daniel: Yeah I was trying to save the earth, but from now on, I will try saving myself :)

  16. Do carry the umbrella for sure.. and yeah do post frequently.. By your new blog follower..

    Someone is Special

  17. hmmm, so this is your space! nice, very nice ;)

    I wanna fill up my cupboard with books, plurr full of books! and then take a picture along with it to make me look like some intelligent creature!

    400 bucks! yay, I pick up books from the Scrap guy next door and trust me, he gives them to me by weight :D

    about being lazy, no one can beat me at that! I carry a windcheater so i dont have to open up my umbrella!

    If i dont blog, Sky may not fall but my IndiRank will! So that makes me blog :D :P

    I drink Pepsi! Aaha!

  18. The last two notes apply to me as well :)

  19. Haha! I think This post suits me perfectly!!!
    Especially the first two points, I remember how I literally dozed off while reading The Alchemist!!! Left it after reading just 10-15 pages...
    Thanks for reminding me to read up half read books, I can see two on my shelf:)

  20. @ Sarvana: Thanks for following :)

    @ Hemal: Nice to see you here Hemal :)
    Books by weight eh?Lucky you. I have paid much more also for a book and not read it still.But, I didn't put it in the post so that my mum doesn't come to know about it :p
    Oh yeah Indirank fall is more intimidating than the sky falling ;)
    Uhh..I don't drink anything;)

    @ Purvi: He he..nice to know am not alone.

    @ Arti: Ha ha..good to know am acting as a reminder too :)

  21. Thank goodness I have no such bad habits err except the last one ;):D I loved the humorous way of speaking to self in you way :P And yeah , blog more, we all would love to read :)

  22. @ Adreamygal : Thanks a lot:) Yeah I am working towards blogging more frequently :p


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