Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Does it happen to you that you wish for an apple and end up with a tomato? Do your wishes backfire? Mine do.

  • I, sometime back, had wished for fever instead of cold.  What happened? I ended up with both cold and fever. I know it was a stupid wish to ask for but running nose can be frustrating sometimes!
  • The other time, I had wished I could forget a few things in life and remain calm and peaceful. What did I forget? My E-mail account’s password and the security question.

I think my wishes are jinxed. I always ask for something , end up with the wish granted but with a twist. Can someone help?


  1. Reverse Psychology ??

    If you want an Ice-Cream, Wish for, "Ohh God.. I hate Ice-Creams, I hope I never get one again in my Life"

    Ms.Scientist, Please perform the necessary experiments and report back with your Observations and Reports. :P

    Thanking you,

  2. lol yes.. u should understand if u ask for fever..obv fever is a mechanism to protect ur body rite ?? so u will have something to cause the fever.. and what is wrong with the second one.. u asked for peace and u got it : P:P :P

    its simple.. don't ask.. just thank.. and tell Him to let His will happen in your life.. :) :)

  3. Why, you have answered your own question in your reply! We are mere mortals and don't know what is best for us, so better to leave the deciding to God!

  4. what is this? I was asking for illness too >:< why would I and why would you too? there are sometimes when we need reasons to be left alone, no?

    And, why am I not getting your feeds? :'( I hate google.......!!

  5. @ Shrijeet: On your request, I will experiment on the same and report back to you Mr. Analyst:p
    @ Sunita: Yeah stupid me. Abhi toh computer ke saamne baithna has become such a problem. Poora nauseatic feeling but I can't keep myself away for long :D
    @ Zephyr: True. I have realized that. I am going to do what He wants me to do and enjoy the little intricacies life has to offer :)

  6. @ Chintan: I have no idea about the feeds :(

    And about the illness, maine toh exchange offer maanga tha.But, I got one free with the other :(

  7. LOL...But seriously forgetting password n security question is really scary. Hope you are feeling better now...:)

  8. Haha :D
    Thats quite funny, guess its mere co-incidence...
    Hope you are now relieved of both fever and cold.

  9. @ Saru: Yeah really scary. Am much better now :) Thanks :)
    @ Arti: Not completely, but am better now. Thanks Arti :)


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