Sunday, October 23, 2011

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I have been in quite an irritated frame of mind from past two days. Nothing great, just quarter life crisis . I know life plays its own game and we are just mere players who most of the times have to abide by the rules of the game and me being such a devout follower of rules, I tend to over-follow the rules sometimes . I do wonder why I am like this.  Why can I not just override the rules like few others and still be happy and peaceful. Or is it just that “The grass is always greener on the other side”?

I don’t understand why few people don’t understand that I have my own life, my own choices, my own expectations and my own dreams and I so well know that they are nothing unrealistic. Forget unrealistic, they are just basic necessities and yet people sulk and make me feel like a loser sometimes. I wouldn’t have cared a damn if those people meant nothing to me, but when they are people who do mean a lot to me than they think they do, it hurts.  Do they think I am immature enough not to understand what I want in life? Don’t they see that I am suffering too because they are suffering, maybe more than them since “I am the player here” and “I am playing the game of life”? I don’t want to feel the way I am currently feeling. I want to live life as it comes and not worry too much about things I don’t have a control on. I know they care very much but I know now that over caring and over worrying is not the way to get things done in life.  It just makes the person in question and people around more worried and more pessimistic and I hate pessimism to the core.

I know it is not something to even get tensed about. Everyone’s life is not the same. Some people’s wishes are granted soon enough and some people may have to wait a little longer, but is it even a reason to lose faith and sulk all day long and make others feel worse than they already are feeling? People have bigger problems in life - problems that might not even have solutions but do they sulk? Nah.. they just go on with life because every problem in life teaches us one new thing about ourselves.

I currently love my life and I want it to remain. I have overcome so many crises before and I know that life is not easy for everyone every single day and I love my life with all its ups and downs. So stop sulking and enjoy the life you have got for you never know what you have got till you lose one – be it life, love or respect.


  1. I can understand as I am also in similar QLC. Get control of your life you'll feel better after all its your life. Most of people will say that you will make mistake with your decision, May be you'll. Its always better to make your own mistakes and learn from then rather Let other do mistakes for other and........

    Believe me, no matter how much close these people are with you, they will not take (dis)credit once their decision turns into mistake.

    PS : There is no mistake in life, either it's a lesson or a choice. lesson if decision was yours and choice if decision was your dear's. :-)

  2. @ Dev: Yes I do agree that it is always better to make one's own mistakes rather than blaming others for your life.

  3. oh yes such people are like bugs.. irritating (phew)

  4. @ Sunita: Hmmm I wouldn't call them bugs but I think they need to get a hold on themselves and their so called tensions..

  5. A kick on your lil bum for quarter life crisis :P and I go back to reading now...

  6. ignore! ignore the bull crap and if it is difficult to not listen, Steve did a good job and donated the world with ipods, if not music then stuff the cotton in your ears and if that does not help, a swift kick on the motor mouths may help!

    and if that does not work either, mere ko number do zara :D

    take it easy, you will sail

  7. @ Chintan: Thanks Chintan. Ouch that kick hurts :p

    And yes kisi mahaan aadmi (nah..I think it should have been an aurat instead) ne kaha hain ki ek kaan se suno aur doosre kaan se chhoddo:)

  8. Life is tricky,i always wondered y bad or good things happens in life.Now i realized lyf is neither sense-full nor senseless.Mst importantly law of TAKEN FOR GRANTED shud b taken into consideration it implies we shud know at proper timing -What shud be IN and What shud be OUT of our thoughts and lyf.

    Good Article

  9. @ NICKYmax007 : Thanks:) Yes life is ambiguous and tough to define.

  10. Nice read...Going through a qlc felt like reading out of my own mind!
    Subscribing now...

  11. @ Madri: Thanks for the appreciation Madri:)
    I think at some level, QLCs tend to be the same for everyone..same old problems :)


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