Sunday, October 24, 2010

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Have you ever thought that even the tiniest of problems between the age of 18-28 feels like they are the greatest problems you’ll ever face in life?? Obvious, isn’t it, for before 18, our parents take care of all our problems and, after 30, life would have thrown us into so many problems that any problem seems like it can be handled without creating much fuss .But problems between 18-28 seem the most  intriguing ones. For some of us, it is more evident and for others, they are like the undercurrents in the sea, though not visible, still making their presence felt strongly.
Just thinking of it, it all begins in college itself.  Keeping up with ever changing fashion trends, falling in love, heart breaks, ups and downs in friendships, defining relationships, financial troubles (well, low pocket money can be defined as financial problem at that age right?), doing well in academics, trying to catch the attention of that handsome hunk or the pretty girl whose one look feels like it will change whole of your life ..all these seem like mind boggling problems at that age.
Then comes the age of choosing a career path, finding the so called “right job”.  Tests, interviews and then choosing between so many options that all crop up at the same time. Finally after managing to choose the right job, you need to deal with the work life pressures, be it the clientele pressures, professional jealousy or the pressure of doing the job assigned consistently well.

Simultaneously, at home, starts the “marriage” topic. This I tell you is a real crisis. Firstly, if you are in love and the guy or a girl doesn’t match your parents’ choice, then you are doomed till it settles alright. “Emotional atyachar” is what will start at home. Mums crying, dads giving you long lectures, siblings looking at you like you have committed a crime that requires nothing less than a life term sentence. Ooofff!!!Thankfully I don’t belong to this category.
Secondly, if you don’t fall into the first category, then it is the usual bickerings at home as to how the guy should be. Well, I belong to this category so I will settle for the term “guy”:). It is such a problem. So many possibilities here. You like the guy but your parents don’t like him, you don’t like the guy but he and his parents are behind you, both you and the guy like each other but something else doesn’t work out. Everything needs to be matched- horoscopes, compatibility, height, weight, colour and God knows what all. On top of all this, people tend to ask your parents all the time “Oh, so you still haven’t found a son-in-law?” Then starts the emotional atyachar followed by a lecture on the compromises you need to make and settle down with someone before the time runs out. Hopeless situation!! You can’t blame your parents nor can you settle in for someone you might not like. You leave it all to God thinking He will get you out of trouble. And he surely will but might take time. Till then, it is a constant bickering at home.
So crisis it is right?? Well, not really I guess. It is all a part of life and let me tell you, I love facing my quarter life crisis…feels thrilling, keeps life happening though sometimes I do feel like running away from all these.But I am sure 50 years down the line when I would look back at all the problems or “so called problems” between 18-28, I would surely laugh at all of them and think what an idiot I must have been at that time and if I could have handled them differently, maybe in a more dignified way. But now at 24, I would term them nothing but “quarter life crisis”.


  1. If we struggle and put our best effort for four years in twenties; then we could enjoy rest forty plus years of remaining life.

  2. Which are the four years? 21-25 or 26-30? :p


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