Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Blogger Tips

Every evening I decide to post on my blog, yes this blog and not the other one ( I am quite frequent out there…uhh..currently!!), but I end up not posting anything new. What happens right after I come back home from office is as below:

My brain: “ Switch on the computer and check if there are any new posts, any new followers, any new comments.  Check both the blogs. Check out other blogs where a comment has been left and reply is awaited.”
My hands: “We are tired of using the keyboard the whole day. We need some rest.”
My eyes: “Same here. We too need some rest.”
My heart(always an optimist): “I am sure there are new comments, new followers, blah, blah blah. We can just sneak in and check once.”
My eyes and my hands revolt.
My brain and my heart don’t care.

After logging in,
My heart: “First, let us see BowTie :)
All of them agree. After being there for sometime and being disappointed:
My brain: “Now let us go to Thoughtless”
My eyes: “No………………………I can’t take myself off BowTie!!”
My hands(still revolting): “Am tired guys(oh sorry girls).”
Who cares??

It is navigation to Thoughtless from BowTie :).
My brain: “We need a post soon.”
My heart: “But I currently don’t have anything close to me that needs to be shared.”
My eyes: “Uhh..brightness hurts.”
My hands: “Lets go.”
My brain and my heart: “Lets go to IndiBlogger and see what is happening.”
An hour or so on IndiBlogger, talking and chatting on the forum.

My brain and my heart: “Lets work on the new post. Before that, let us post something on BowTie :)
My eyes and my hands:“Can we come back tomorrow?”
As always, heart and brain don’t listen.

After posting on BowTie, interruption.
My Ears: “I can hear somebody yell from the kitchen.”
My mouth and my stomach : “We need to get to work.”
All of them agree.

After dinner, back on the system.
My heart and my brain: “Let us see what other bloggers are upto . Then we’ll post on Thoughtless.”
My hands and my eyes: “Not again.”

After surfing and checking out and commenting on others’ blogs.
All of them: “Lets come back tomorrow. We all need rest.”
New post goes down the drain!!!

PS: I am out of my senses to post something like this. But, since my hands, even after being so tired, typed all this, I posted it anyways. I hate..I hate this post!!!


  1. WHATAYY Confusion Man.. Er.. I mean Woman.. err... Lady...

    You need to hold a meeting soon and collect all your body parts.

    There is a clear lack of leadership here.

    You need to chose one Lead soon , Ideally..Democratically and if that doesn't work, Autocratically.

    Who knows what these kind of Rebellious attitude may lead to..

  2. it happens with me! i am so so so mean to my photoblog, that poor blog has been ignored so much :(

  3. @ Shrijeet: He he..Am confused about so many thing at the same time.I feel like am in trance:(
    @ Chintan: we are sailing in the same boat :(

  4. Nice one


  5. @ J(Jasan I suppose): Thanks a lot:)

  6. Since I have only one blog, I don't face such a dilemma. But, between Indiblogger, writing new post and others blog, its always a tough call...And, I love this post:)


  7. @ Saru: Yeah..I so enjoy reading others' posts that I forget my own blog sometimes. And I am currently suffering from "Thoughtless withdrawl syndrome" and "Bowtie addiction" ;)

  8. Please don’t get digressed by managing multiple blogs.

    From my opinion thoughtless has lot of good thoughts to which we don’t pay attention most of the time. Thoughtless... should be like mirror on wall.

    Keep blogging... [On thoughtless page :-) ]

  9. @ Anonymous: Uhhh..thanks dude:) It would be nice if you could atleast give me your name..I am tired of typing @ Anonymous all the time.

  10. Maybe u and I can collaborate?????;-) Post sumthing together which is gonna take the blogging world by storm????????:-D

  11. @ Rahul: Are you serious or are you pulling my leg for writing such a horrid post?? :')

  12. totally agree Pooja... the fight between all these body parts :D :D... but lage raho Pooja behen ...u r doing gr8 :) :)

  13. @Pooja I never joke about stuff I am serious about.I really think we can do something together with that cartoon concept of yours.But yep,it's ur I guess I shudn't be making these stupid suggestions...:-)

  14. He he:) Am I? :) Hopefully better posts from now on ;p

  15. @ Rahul: He he..I don't have a problem. Btw BowTie aren't my babies;) I am putting up for adoption :)

  16. This is very funny!! I also have two blogs- a fiction one and one which deals with issues that concern me. I find that writing fiction is very difficult ( drains me out at times). So I often neglect that blog and look at the other. Yes as you say, my eyes are protesting these days and I use it as an excuse not to post. BTW you are welcome to visit both blogs- this one and the other. Ciao

  17. @ meeratales : Yeah maintaining 2 blogs seems to be quite a task :)

  18. are u

  19. @ Deepraj: I wish I was, unfortunately am not:)

  20. Keep it simple. Think all the things that has happened on that particular day, write some down as draft, then compare and analyse which is suitable for which blog.

    Or if you're too tired to write, think up all the ideas for a week. Write 5 or 6 articles during the weekend. Won't take much time if you can record your exact feelings at the right time. Use a recorder, or your phone itself. Record your feelings everyday for a week, them write articles and schedule them during weekends. Besides, someone told me, its the Quality that matters!

  21. @ Anoop: This post was just meant to showcase the insane me :) I write on impulse. So I can't change much about that. But good tips nevertheless :)


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