Sunday, October 23, 2011

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So what do you do when you are stressed out and want to relax? I think people have different ways to relax.
  • Get a hair cut: Feels so much lighter afterwards. Many of my friends swear by this and tell me that they do feel relaxed after a hair cut.
  • Get manicure/pedicure or any of the beauty treatments done: Manicure, pedicure, facials, hair massage, deep conditioning etc also seem to do the trick for most of them.
  • Go on  a shopping spree: Loosen the purse strings and spend on things wanted and unwanted. A lighter purse leads to a lighter head for some of them.
  • Go to a restaurant and have good food: Food seems to relax almost all of them . Good food does the trick and heavier the belly, lighter the head.
  • Watch a movie or watch a match or watch a mindless soap:  More you are glued to the television, lighter the head.
  • Hit the gym:  I  don’t know how this helps. Maybe blood circulation increases in the brain and more serotonin is released. Yeah I can get scientific sometimes. I am just proving I will always be a biochemist at heart.
  • Chocolate and ice-creams: I don’t think I need to explain.
  • Music: I don’t think even this needs any explanation.
  • Sleep: Zzzzzzzzzz

Well.. these were some of the top replies I got from people around. But, what do I do? Read below:
  • Shop for books: I go crazy buying books of all kinds. I currently have more books than my cupboard can accommodate. I just love books. I love the smell of the pages. It relaxes me instantly when I enter a bookstore. I just love the feel of a bookstore.
  • Reading anything I can get a hand on: Yes I love reading. Be it a novel, text books, news papers, blogs, pamphlets, biscuit and chocolate wrappers , anything and everything.
  • Talking to the dogs on the street: not crazy. I just love dogs. They come wagging their tails when I am on the road and I do exchange pleasantries with them. Weird, is it? Uhh.. anything for the dogs.
  • Yes, the usual stuff also help me relax: Chocolates, Ice creams, good food, music and ofcourse a nice afternoon nap during the weekend. 


  1. ya and some people also change their blog looks :P :P :P

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  3. twitter helps too :)

    and boy a hair cut works! when i was the most stressed, i cut my long hair short and gradually ended up with a crop cut when i realized, the only thing that DOES NOT make me look like a man is my pair of breasts! daah!

    gym works big time, kickboxing, even better :D

    i miss gym :( i am a lazy bum these days.

  4. and is that your hand? kinda spooky :P

  5. I agree with most of the things but talking to a street dog? I think I can increase my stress level as I will be questioning my state of mind.


  6. Interesting list. Music and Sleep top my list.

  7. :-) so,it seems you have no problem unwinding..:-) gr8....

  8. @ Sunita: He he. Now I feel this template suits me better ;)
    @ Chintan: That reminds me that I love that picture of yours you have as a profile pic on IndiBlogger. I just loved that capture.
    And kick boxing..ahem I should try that.
    @ Saru: He he..don't worry. Some people are just too weird and I am one of them when it comes to dogs :')
    @ Vyankatesh: It tops most people's list:)
    @ Rahul: Yep I have no problem unwinding. I have one thing or the other to do :)

  9. How about Indiblogger? I too love reading and ice creams and chocolates:)
    Wish you and family a very Happy Diwali Pooja:)

  10. @ Arti: Yup Indiblogger also on the list currently:)

    Happy Diwali to you and your family too Arti:)

  11. nothing like a massage for busting stress. Or watching Seinfeld :)

  12. @ Vinod: Yes each his own :)

  13. A long walk on the road or around the lake. Watch birds and trees.

  14. @ Vipul: Hmm..true if you are surrounded by nature, it automatically brings down the stress. Nature therapy.

  15. the last two things on ur list tops for me :D

  16. On my list? Talking to dogs on the street ? I thought only I do such crazy things :)

  17. Sometimes a haircut can go terribly wrong and make u feel even more stressed! I have gone through that pain!

  18. @ Pooja : Yes I agree. I get scared getting my hair cut . But my friends swear by it .


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