Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Blogger Tips

First of all, there was no need for me to use XX and XYs; I could have instead used the terms men and women directly, but, from my previous posts, you must have known by now that I have a liking for everything that accentuates my “nautanki” image. Believe me, I look innocent but I am a very melodramatic person and like all Leos am proud of it and that is how I guess I keep myself entertained, for, I have no siblings to give me a dose of entertainment everyday. But I think this is all restricted to how I am with my friends and close ones and this image doesn’t carry over to my professional life or does it?? a question arises in my mind if I am a victim of split personality disorder!!!Anyway forget me and my not so thoughtful thinking.

Coming back to the topic, the universal problem to which no scientist till now has found an answer- Why is it so difficult for men and women to think on the same lines??I guess even the question of if egg came first or the hen would get resolved but this question would never find an answer…atleast not a reasonable one. I can vouch for this.

I am not taking anyone’s side. I know we aren’t structured to think alike in most of the matters. Only in a few matters do we think alike. But most of the times, it is always a different opinion. We might come to the same conclusion but reasons might never be the same. We girls always flag the issues about emotions and guys always flag the issues of practicality. If we think from our right side of the brains most of the time, they use their left side of their brains. Complementary right? ;)
I am not here to talk about who is better or something. I was just thinking of it today as to how great a thinker our creator must be. He planned it out so well that there’s always something that complements each creation of his. There are always two halves, mirror images, each complementing the other, each distinct from the other, each an independent entity by itself, but, when these two halves complement each other, then the so called ‘stability’ dawns. Without one, the other wouldn’t get the importance it gets now. Good wouldn’t be so important if there was no bad, water  wouldn’t be so important if there was no fire, positive wouldn’t be so important if there was no negative and happiness wouldn’t be so dear if there was no sadness. Same is the case with men and women. Without men, women wouldn’t be so important and without women, men wouldn’t be so important. Life would be so boring and dull and the sad part, there would be no “love stories”. Great thinking God…kudos to you. But one request God, can you please make men a little more emotional, little more understanding and most importantly a little more shopaholic?? Well…I am not asking for more, am I? ;)


  1. Hey, I was randomly going through some blogs nd found this one..Itz nice & found interesting with its unique theme, simple writing..Good writing..Keep it up. I liked ur last request to god,"can you please make men a little more emotional, little more understanding and most importantly a little more shopaholic??".. I wish you to get good bf like tat..:) :)


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