Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Love stories…you love them, hate them but you just can’t ignore them…

Let me confess here that am a big big big fan of love stories and a bigger fan of “love” itself. I have no idea how it is being in love  though every crush I have had on any guy felt like it must be love, but, when the crush faded, so did the feeling of love and I know the feeling of love doesn’t fade when it is “actual” love. I still love my parents, bro, Puchhu no matter how many differences I might have with them (Puchhu excluded) and this is the scale I use to measure love because love, like many other things, is a relative term. The kind of love might be different but the baseline feeling behind any kind of love is the same, isn’t it?
Anyway, let me return to the actual topic…Love stories. I don’t know when I first read the book Erich Segal’s 'Love Story' ; I guess it was when I was in my PU and it was then that I fell in love with love itself. I don’t know if it was the beauty of the story or something else but that was the start of my inclination towards love and love stories.
'Pride and Prejudice' made the feeling grow stronger. I am such a big fan of the characters in the book that I always thought that I’d be the happiest if my guy would be like Darcy. So as the years passed by, my idea of love kept changing and also the way I related to love stories.
I still remember religiously following a daily soap which had love as the main theme. I felt happy whenever the hero met the heroine and everything was running smooth in their lives and I cried every time they had to breakup or something wrong happened in their lives. I was so involved that it hurt to see the sad endings of love stories. For me, love stories needed to end happily……always. This was a few years ago.
But, now, it has all changed. I still love “love stories”. I still love the idea that someone somewhere will love me the same way like I will love him and he will be as romantic as Sharukh Khan in any of his movies and as practical and caring as Darcy. I still love the fact that that one person will be exclusively mine and I will be exclusively his. So what has changed?
Hmmm…love plus marriage or vice versa feels a priority now. To just think of the fact, that with an exclusive person to care for, you also get an extra set of parents, siblings, is a great feeling; maybe much more to me since am a single child and I have missed having people around, not much, but I have, and being a people’s person, I love being surrounded by near and dear ones. So cheers to the institution of marriage, to love and to love stories.
Waiting eagerly to find the love of my life…will be nice if he comes loaded with intelligence, focus in life and a great attitude towards life itself. Amen...


  1. Hey now that a nice post..good to see you grow from butterflies of crushes to mature love..sure u gonna make a great wife and companion.. :)

  2. @ Ashwini: Thank u so so so much:)Your comments mean a lot to me:)

  3. Hard core, crazy romantic u r! Hope the love of ur life comes ur way soon!

  4. @ Shru: Thanks girl:)I hope that too:)

  5. All the best Poo, for the love of your life.


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