Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Memories never fade, be it the memories of being a tiny girl in a tiny frock holding dad's little finger or be it mom running behind with a glass of milk which I would always find a place to dispose off when she wasn't around.

Memories of going to school and college, standing in the prayer hall, sharing lunch, competing with friends for marks, begging the teachers to give one more mark, falling down with bruises during the play hour, trying to be the teachers' favorite, being in our own "groups", cursing the university for the marks, remain fresh. 

Memories of joining my first job and leaving it in a couple of months to find something more appealing, waiting for months to find the right job, settling in the new job, trying to make a mark for self, loving the job and people around, loving the adrenaline rush the job brought every single day….I miss it.

Memories of seeing a guy and getting engaged to him within a few days of meeting him first, maintaining a long distance relationship for 5 months and then getting married and settling into a new life with new people, leaving mom and dad in a house I grew up in, still brings a happy-sad smile on my face. 

Memories of ma-in-law cooking delicious food, the ma-in-law/daughter-in-law bonding that happened over lunchtime, the doting dad-in-law's talk when he came back from office, the times I spent teasing my little sis-in-law, laughing with her, still lingers in the mind everyday.

Nostalgia, I say, surely, is evil!


  1. It is evil and as you said, you have a love-hate relationship with it. But one thing is for sure, you treasure our memories :)

    1. True Saru :-) Nostalgia is killing when you stay in one country and your folks in another or that is what I feel..but memories do add in a beautiful soul to our thoughts :-)

    2. We sail in the same boat, Pooja :(

  2. I am first time visiting your blog and have found it awesome. You write very well :)
    And yes you are mighty righty right. Memories never fade and the pleasure they give us from time to time,...addictive! :)

    1. I didn't get your name, so don't know what to address you as, but thanks a lot for visiting my blog and thanks for the good things you said about my writing. Am beaming :)

      I believe that all good things are evil at a certain level, so are memories! :D

    2. Finally! Someone pointed it out! Well, my name is Abhishek and I am too tired to rectify this name error on my blog;) And those were not good things, they were true things(and no I am not trying to be overly good! )
      Yes, good things are evil beyond a certain point. But unfortunately I am never tired of waiting for more of the good things to happen to me, :D

    3. It is much easy to address you now Abhishek :)

      "Look at the sky my boy, good things are coming your way at high speed. Oh wait, those were the meteors. Run for your life."

      *Realises only she can laugh at her own PJs. She must have taken over her husband.* :p

  3. Its my first time here and your writings forced me to follow your blog.

    Well, you said it right, memories are one of the precious gift which any one can have ever and if they belong to good category then they are just one way to go back in those time and look at them like a movie as a silent spectator.

    Btw, I don't understand one thing, why all kids hate milk that much and find their own way to doze it off? :)

  4. Thanks Ankit :) I am happy that you liked my writing...doesn't happen that often :p

    About kids and their hatred towards milk, I had many ways to dispose it off when I was a kid. :D
    Now, there you have just given me an idea for my post. Thanks a lot :)


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