Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Long, long, long ago…not so long ago, I never had a valentine. Today, I have one - my brand new husband! 

I was thinking of all the years gone by when I was single and lonesome on Valentine's Day ( I make myself sound like a secluded soul, don't I? Ah…old habits die hard. A shitty piece of melodramatic fur ball I am I say and God, am I not proud of the fact :p). Those were the days when looking at those "completely in love" couples was an eyesore. To top it, the hype surrounding the day used to be a reminder to us singles that another year was going to pass with only ourselves for company. 

Why all this now? Well…I was thinking of "love" and the hype surrounding the whole existence of "love". I also have been a sheep in the herd when it came to "love"…maybe my definition of love was also superficial sometime ago or maybe it was not. I think the meaning of love changes at every stage in life, it evolves, it changes. I don't know if love is constant but I know change is constant. 

But, yes, this year I had my valentine with me and am completely in love with him. Currently he is my definition of love and it now feels love is also constant. 

I have no idea how I wanted to structure this post. So, I leave this post abruptly for I don't know what I initially intended to convey. Strange…sometimes a lot gets unsaid and you still feel a lot lighter in the head than from the time you started. 

Before I end a post which I have no idea why I started, just a random thought, I think love is more of "a feeling of security". I will let you and me ponder over it for a while…. 


  1. I wrote a comment here last night and the network thugged me while publishing.

    Suddenly you sound so woman like and grown up :)

    I saw that you lost your posts. Did you get in touch with Google support? They may help. I had deleted my entire account that runs the blunt blog. After few weeks I realised the mistake. Google support helped me gain access after verification of my identity. ...

    1. I lost the posts here on purpose Chintan :) The ones on BowTie, I can't retrieve them since I deleted the pictures from my Picasa album and yes, I am kicking myself for it. Hmm..let me try contacting Google support, maybe, it will help. Thanks a lot Chintan :)

      I sound so woman and grown up eh? Nah...I am still a kid. Before, I was my parents' kid; now I am my husband's :)

  2. Why such a hue and cry over valentine's day? Why? why?(overly emphasising tone)... Guess what? I am single and someone has become an eyesore for that matter!!! Just kidding.. congratulations to you that you've got your perfect valentine and loved thy comment- 'Before, I was my parents' kid; now I am my husband's ' super !!

    1. Thanks a lot :)

      It must be fun to be single. *Remembers the time when she was single* :p


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