Friday, February 8, 2013

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I, hereby, pompously declare that I am now entitled to the most coveted position of womanhood -  “Wife”.  I, also declare that I will use the same cliché line when I enter motherhood. Thank You.

Coming back to being a “wife”..well, it all happened just a few days back. The details, though no one’s business, might help me compose a couple of posts when I have nothing to write. Mind you…a couple of posts in my terms might be >10 posts in layman terms.

Being a girl entitles you to be melodramatic from the time you are born. Being a “wife” just accentuates the fact. I can see my husband nodding his head in affirmation when he reads this post (Will he read? That’s the biggest question haunting me currently. No worries..I have the tissues ready. Right girls?). Infact, I can see all husbands nodding their heads, affirming the fact. So, now that am entitled to being a wife and naturally more melodramatic owing to this new bit of position I have earned, I rightfully want to use the opportunity to start off my nautanki  once again, something that I stopped abruptly in my previous blog.

This is what happened previously…A quick recap!

Writing is my passion. Sic sic. Well, this is what I thought when I started my first blog “Thoughtless Ramifications…” about 2 years ago. I did update it, well, not so regularly, till May this year and then I got engaged. Ahh…my first chance to blame my then-fiancé and my now-husband on my blog. I was told that the first rule of wifedom is “Blame your husband irrespective of him being involved in the matter” and am just sticking to the rules of wifedom.  Before I forget, I also had one other blog, or rather have, by the name “BowTie :)” which is currently in the graveyard mode and might be in the same mode for another, err, couple of years until Blogger forcefully kicks it out to make some space for “the like useful junk”.

I am hoping to be third time lucky and hence this new space…”Melodrama Private Ltd.

I cribbed and cribbed more to choose an apt name for this blog of mine. I even gnawed at the husband’s brain for the same. Woah…not even a month into marriage and I seem to be getting a good hold of being a typical “wife”:p

Like all my other blogs..this is also going to be an extension of myself. A little bit me and a little bit of my perspective about things not me. Hope I can manage to keep this blog alive and actually be third time lucky !

This is what I wrote more than a month ago. But, dude, I am a girl. I change my clothes and my mind more frequently than a chameleon changes its colour. So, now I feel like continuing this blog of mine and deleting the third one. So, out for my thoughtless ramifications here...

Thanks for the co-operation..


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