Saturday, November 6, 2010

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I have absolutely nothing to post this week. I have so many things on my mind that it is difficult to put it all in words. I guess am becoming too philosophical nowadays. Looks like am suffering from an overdose of “being positive” syndrome.

Today, I finished reading an awesome book called “The Greatness Guide”. A big fan of Robin Sharma now. All thanks to junior Robin ;) It is not that he talks about anything out of the world but his writing style is so simple that you can connect with him very well. That is the reason all great writers are not those who have an exemplary hold on the language but are the ones who write in a manner in which we can see our life’s reflections in their works.

I think I have spent my past week introspecting a little too much. My brain is currently cluttered with so many thoughts that I can feel them resonating in my brain at unimaginable wavelengths. Few thoughts that are going on in my mind currently are:

The way we celebrate festivals has changed so much. The spirit of the festivity is there but it is not the same as before. There is that lull feeling that was never there during childhood. Festivities now mean not more than a mere holiday. Maybe it is just a phase…it will all change someday.

The need to contribute to a social cause. We all do contribute in some way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, but I still need to work on this and contribute a little more. Everyday I pass by the low income areas and see the struggles the people face there, I feel blessed to be where I am. Truly, am not saying this because it needs to be said but it is because I observe them everyday of my life and sometimes it does send a chill down my spine. It really does.

The importance of building and nurturing relationships. Be it at the home front or be it in professional life. By relationships, I don’t mean that we make brothers, sisters or friends of every person we know, but, it is important to build that connection to succeed in all areas of life. Relationships do provide the net that rescues us when we fall, makes the fall less painful.

People come and go in life ,but, life still continues without a comma or a fullstop. I still wonder why people come into our lives if they were never meant to stay for a lifetime. People who meant so much once upon a time mean nothing all of a sudden, doesn’t happen, does it? They always have a special place which always make the most cherished memories in life because these are the instances that teach you that life continues even without the few close people you always liked spending time with, it teaches you things about yourself you never knew, it teaches you to be strong after having been brittle. Love you all.

The need to say what’s on your mind. I strongly believe in this. Always say what is on your mind. Positive or negative stuff. It might ruin the moment but might help not ruin your life. If the person knows you enough to not misunderstand you, then something positive will definitely fruit out from it. It is always better to regret having said it than having to regret not having said it. It is not feasible to read everyone’s mind every time. What if the other person has the same thing in mind and is scared to say it just as you are. No one says anything and it ends there. Not good. No questions. No answers. Just plain thoughts as to what could have happened if one of them had the courage to say it and sort it out.

To achieve great success in life, you need to be a shoe-kisser,corrupt and insincere. I am not the one to use cuss words but my apologies, this is the ultimate bull****. I believe you can still achieve success by standing your own ground, following your own principles without even fearing if success will follow you. Doing your work sincerely everyday of your life is more than enough to achieve success. If not now, success will kiss your feet some other time, but it surely will.

The best thing that I have learnt today. Give in your best and then let go. I have realized that previously I have always thought about the results I’d get from the work I chose to do, enjoyed it, but, not as much as now. Results are important, rather, very important ,but, if you enjoy the process, results always turn out to be great. That is what passion is all about…enjoying what you do.

Never lie to yourself. No one knows us better than ourselves. Feeling sad, cry. Feeling happy, laugh. Don’t control your emotions. It is not meant to be controlled. One night of break down for a small “large” problem (well… I mean the ones that can be handled but not at that moment) can help you get up fresh the next day. Just tell yourself that it will just be a night of break down without affecting your everyday chore the next day. Helps. Really it does. Tried and tested personally.

Disclaimer: Not trying to be Robin in tow:) Just speaking my mind....


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