Monday, September 26, 2011

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My blog turned a year old today. The journey so far has seen a  lot of happy events,a little bit of downtime, but, has always been enjoyable.

When I decided to start my own blog, I thought it would be a child’s play since I had previously written for school and college magazines. But, I was wrong. Blogging is a different ball game altogether.I found posting regularly wasn’t easy. Time constraint, lack of topics, lack of will power didn’t help either.

It is a human tendency to be over enthusiastic when we start off with something new and then gradually the enthusiasm fizzles out. Same thing happened to me. I had to do something about it. I couldn’t leave my blog orphaned. Coming across IndiBlogger happened at the right time for me.Talking to other bloggers, reading their posts, getting my blog reviewed, receiving comments, increase in the number of followers gave me the push to continue blogging and also made me post regularly.

This post is just an excuse to thank all my readers, each and everyone of you. Also, thanks to IndiBlogger for providing the right platform for bloggers like me to connect with other like minded people. Thanks a ton guys :)

“Thoughtless Ramifications…” wouldn’t be what it is without all you wonderful people. Thanks again :)


  1. yeahhhh!!! congratulations the way you write... infact I should be thanking you for giving me such wonderful reads... keep it up :) :) :)

  2. Thanks Sunita :) I actually am feeling emotional on completeing a year of blogging. I wonder if that is normal :p

  3. hehehe.. absolutely normal dear :) :) just shows your luv & passion for it :)

  4. Thanks for the assurance:) The way my mum reacted when I told her I completed a year on my blog, I thought I had gone nuts. Good to know I still retain my sanity :)

  5. Many congratulations again for completing one glorious year of blogging:)
    Many more to come, God Bless.
    Have a fabulous week ahead Pooja.Many congratulations again for completing one glorious year of blogging:)
    Many more to come, God Bless.
    Have a fabulous week ahead Pooja.

  6. Congratulations. Keep blogging.

  7. I am totally obsessed with blogging these days! But, more so, because I am off work and I know once I am back, it will be at a rather slow pace..


  8. @ Arti: Thanks once again Artiji:) Welcome to my blog:)
    @ Anonymous: Thanks a lot:)
    @ Chintan: Yeah time constraint is the biggest issue when it comes to blogging regularly. By the way, your posts are awesome. Love the way you write:)

  9. So when is your next blog gonna hit the blogstands near me?????:-)

  10. congrats on reaching the 1 year mark..!!!:):)looking forward to more posts from your blog.....:)

  11. @ Rahul: When inspiration strikes:)
    @ Jude: Thanks Jude:) Long time..nice to see you back..

  12. yea its been long...been quite lazy and busy(mostly lazy)..but have started working on my next post..:)
    PS: Thoughtless Ramifications looks amazing and template...:)

  13. @ Jude: Waiting eagerly for your next post:)
    Thanks..I love the template was an older template.But, I feel it suits my blog better.So changed it:)

  14. You are Welcome !!

    That is all



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