Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Since most of you felt my “Bee” poem was enthralling (am being sarcastic of course), I thought I would let you read a few of my pathetic shayaris I attempted when I was in PUC!! This is to prove that am not bad only at English poems but the fact is am bad at poems in general.

The title is misleading. You guys will surely not say “once more” after reading the below lines of the so called shayaris but then I didn’t find a better name for this post. Come on, it is “once more” a pathetic post by anyone’s standards :p

Pyaara sa ek dard
Humne bhi kiya tha kisi se pyaar,
Par kar na sake unse ikraar.
Ab bhi hum unko yaad karte hain,
Lekin sirf sapno mein unka deedar karte hain.
Aasman mein jhilmilate hain tare,
Baag mein khilkhilate hain phool sare,
Lekin mujhe khushi tab hoti hain,
Jab muskurathe hain mere dost pyaare.
Kyun hota hain bura achhe logon ke saath?
Kyun nahin deta Bhagwan unka saath?
Lekin hum kabhi na chodenge unka saath.
Badenge aage lekhe haathon mein haath.
Mud ke jab woh hamari taraf dekhte hain,
Toh dil mein hamare pathaake phootthe hain.
Aur jab who humein dekhkar thoda muskurathe hain,
Toh hum mann hi mann unke ho jaate hain.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction. No relevance or reference to any person living or living elsewhere. It is not meant to be torturous. Weak-hearted, please excuse. Am posting this disclaimer (for formality sake) after the actual shayaris instead of it being at the beginning only because I want you to read the shayaris ;) (I like being wicked) and this disclaimer is just to make sure that I don’t get blamed for the consequences.
PS: I think am pushing my luck a little too far by posting these “so called poems and shayaris”. I need to post something sensible very soon.


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