Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Friends..hmm..The weirdest of creatures who give you some bitter sweet memories for life.At every stage of life, we make new friends..some remain for life while some just disappear(most of the times unintentionally).Just trying to figure out what has friendship meant to me during every stage of my life till now.

Pre-school: I don’t remember very clearly but I remember that those were the times when we played the silliest of games, had the most fights which usually ended up with pulled hair, a bit of scratches and ultimately tears rolling down the cheeks and a complaint against the friend to either a teacher or a parent.

Primary school: Those were the times when we actually start categorizing our friends into close friends, best friends, friends and bestest friend.  I still remember vividly the times when we used to sit for lunch together, play games together, make those silly greeting cards for a friend’s birthday, compare marks, and generally try to impress teachers with those age old antics. Also, fight with each other and not talk to the other for days and bitch about their behaviour to other friends and warn them with subsequent consequences in case they joined the friend we might have had a fight with. Feels so silly now.

High school: This is when I think we are mature enough to understand the real value of friendship. Those were the times when we spent looking out for the well being of those who we called friends, helping them out of their so called problems, scolding them for being so thoughtless, and talking to them constantly about things that mattered and things which did not.

College: Hmmm…I think college life just defines friendship for most of us. All we wanted was  to be surrounded by friends all the time. The time we spent pulling each others’ legs, teasing each other, blaming each other for no reason, having a new crush every other day, texting each and every friend in the group even for the silliest of reasons,  gossiping about teachers, making fun of people, forcing people to confess their feelings for others, crying for them in case they got hurt, protecting them from falling into problems, being a pillar of support when one would go weak at time of crisis, laughing at jokes only we would understand, studying at the last moment for exams and calling it combined studies when all it resulted in was combined fun and no studies, sharing notes, being happy for the other when the other succeeded, being sad when the other failed…this and that..hmmm…missing those days…wish I could go back.

Love you guys. Happy Friendship’s Day to all of you…


  1. Pooja - First time was a fresh read, analyzing the role of friends during the various stages of life..defining a pattern of growth of relations :)

  2. That’s a neatly penned classification in order..

  3. its amazing how u put all those stages of friendship in such brief and simple words...enjoyed reading it:)

  4. Thanks Jude..good to know that you liked it:)


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