Monday, August 15, 2011

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I am not here to sell anything.  I am just here to present my views on something. Anything free grabs the attention of the readers, hence the title.

It is Independence Day today and ,yet , after 64 years of independence, we still ask if we are truly independent? Every year during this time, there is one hot topic of discussion everywhere, be it print media, electronic media, social networking sites  ,or even the blog world- are we truly free?  People have their own views , but most of them feel that we would not be truly independent till we get rid of poverty, corruption, violence, reservations, gender biases, so on and so forth.

Agreed to everything that is said above-freedom from corruption, poverty, reservations, etc etc etc. But one question, is Independence Day really meant to discuss the above said issues or is it to celebrate the fact that as a united nation we could free ourselves  from being ruled by another nation? The essence of celebrating Independence Day seems to have been lost somewhere in between thinking and bringing forth the negativities that the country is currently facing. I am not against discussing the problems; infact, I feel the more discussions we have, the more solutions we would have to solve the problem.

But, come on guys, give me a break. We discuss our problems as a country everyday of our lives irrespective of the fact that we might be contributing very little to get India into a league of its own in terms if economy, military, and other major areas.  Why not spend just one day ‘not’ discussing such issues? Is it so difficult for our politicians to stop blaming the ruling party or the opposition party for the state we are in....just for one day? Is it so difficult to spend the day with fellow beings peacefully....just for one day? Spend one day doing it, you will feel so nice and relaxed and you might want to do it everyday and gradually it will be become a habit.

Every country has its own problems just like every house in which you and  I stay. We do not discuss our problems everyday of our lives, instead, we focus on solving it. Why not use the same strategy in solving the country’s problems? I strongly feel we are on the right road. We are learning fast as a country and we will be there one day where we ought to be. Till then, we need to just put an effort to do how much ever we can to rebuild India the way we want to see it.
One last thing, I truly feel liberated, free and independent in my own country!!

Happy Independence Day to all of you. Jai Hind.


  1. Couldn't agree more....Happy Independence day

  2. What a coincidence, I wrote an article on the same issue. Let's just stop cribbing for this day at least.

    Greetings on Independence day

  3. correction - after 64 years :)
    It is the day of cherishing the true spirits of 'Free' as in 'Freedom'. I am least bothered of other issues for today, thanking all those spirited souls who made our life what it is today.

  4. well written Pooja.. had written some thing very similar last year on my blog... totally agree :) :)

  5. @Jude: Thanks:)
    @Vijay: Good to know you share the same sentiments:)
    @Mohan: Thanks Mohan:) I made the bad at my mathematics..I should have taken the number of years from one of the papers, instead I counted them manually:)
    @SuKepdia: Thanks..I think most of us think on the same lines when it comes to this issue..good to know that:)

  6. Happy Independence Day

  7. Hey Pooja,
    its very nice !!

    please just check mine too

  8. "Why not use the same strategy in solving the country’s problems?" - something to ponder on, do you think is it practically possible to use a strategy used to solve a problem in a house which has 4 members, for a country which has 1 billion+ residents??
    Another point is if they do not talk about the issues and crisis the country goes through to the general public won't the citizens blame for the lack of transparency and ridicule the fact that we are democratic?

    Any thoughts?

  9. @ Anonymous: If 4 people can sit and think about solving a problem in a house..why can't a billion people solve one country's problem??All it takes is a little more responsibility and a little more will to set things right. I am not even saying go change the world.Change always starts with onself.We change our attitude,things change by themselves..might take time.I never said do not discuss the problems...I infact said it is important to discuss those. All I said was a day can be spared to not discuss those and instead focus on the positives that our country exuberates.Positivity spreads and so does negativity, the choice is left to us to decide what we want. Good to see a different point of view:)

  10. PS: nice blog layout and design!!! :)

  11. Good post! Before we ask the question that 'Is our country truly independent?', each one of us should ask ourselves: 'Am I truly independent?. Am I under bondage of any thing? Am I addicted to certain habits that make me unproductive? Whether I have overtaken that negative thoughts?' When we are 'free' within, we will definitely enjoy the 'independence'. Good one. Keep blogging!


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