Saturday, December 18, 2010

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I love my new blogger template…white and blue in combination is my favourite. While choosing this template, the first thing that went into my mind was, “Oh this is great. This is what I was looking for- A template that depicts the various intricacies of life” and this template does that perfectly for me through various colours.
Colours are so important in our lives. I mean, just look at everything around and the first thing that strikes is the colour of the object. Our mind perceives it so quickly. Great.  But the best part of colours is the fact that they bring along with them the message of each emotion and each event. We always tend to associate an emotion with each colour. Red-love,anger; White-purity,peace; Orange-cheerful,happy; Yellow-fresh; Black-elegance,mourning and so on and so forth. This is what intrigues me…have no idea of how it all started and how deep-rooted it is that it carries on with each generation, each person associating the same emotions with each colour. Well, like everything, there might be a few exceptions,but, on a larger scale, this works. No one teaches us about this in school like many other things which we agree on. Colour is indeed an universal language of emotions. So couldn’t find a better template. Cheers to the person who created this template.
PS: My mum feels this template is very childish. Well, to an extent, it is true. But, have you ever seen the spark in the eyes of a child when you give him/her a piece of paper and a few colour pencils? That speaks volumes about what joy it brings to the child. Same is the case with me. After all, we still have a bit of a child left in all of us.


Admiration or contempt, bring it on!

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