Monday, February 28, 2011

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From past few days, a thought has been repetitively playing on my mind, something I knew, but  didn’t realize soon enough-the fact that we keep waiting to find an inspiration when it is always round the corner, just like opportunity,waiting to be found.
We get so bogged down by our everyday problems that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We crib about such miniscule problems everyday that we become blind to the “actual” issues people around us face every single day. It had been the same with me not a long time ago. But, life finds a way to teach us lessons when it is most needed. I have learnt a few lessons that way and they form important chapters in my book of life. The bottom line is that I now realize that every situation has a silver lining, we just need to find it.
The transformation of a person from what he/she was to what he/she is now doesn’t happen instantly. It happens gradually and knowingly or unknowingly many people inspire us along the way. The beauty lies in the fact that the person who is an inspiration to us might not even have the faintest of idea that he/she has transformed our lives into a better one without even trying much. If we could personify inspiration, then for sure, we would not find anyone else with more humility and modesty. People come into our lives, they might or might know us, yet, they leave behind a trail of inspirational impression that helps us one way or the other in life. Happens all the time I guess, we just don’t realize it then.
Imagine a baby  learning to walk . It falls many a times, then learns to crawl  and eventually learns to walk. Same with life. Problems bog us down, yet, we learn to crawl out of it and then walk over it rather than running away from it. Is it our nature, are we tuned to do it or is it just a bout of inspiration from someone who has undergone the same situation or a much worse situation previously? Do we fail to see the inspiration because it is so well gelled into what we call ‘anyone would have done the same in this situation’?
Ok, won’t bore you much(for people who bother reading every post of mine), I just get this bouts of self realization stuff every now and then. Just taking this opportunity to thank all those people who have inspired me, won’t name any since the list is long. Thank you guys for being around.
Currently being inspired from a lot many people. Would want to be an inspiration someday. Chao….


  1. Oh u r most welcome! :P
    On a serious note... What u've written is absolutely right.. V fall so blind to things around us sometimes... somethin like..u get so close to a tree that u dont notice the forest!!

  2. Today I was bored of work in office, so started browsing for some blog. Somehow I found your blog. I felt your "thoughless thoughts :-)" interesting ... I read them all.

    Now I need to dig into archive...


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