Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Blogger Tips

I know I promised I’d be back with the story. But, what do I do? I am ready with everything- the book to pen down my thoughts, the pen to write with, the name of the characters, everything!! Well, almost. I am just not ready with the plot :p .I didn’t know writing a story would be so difficult a task considering we all cook up stories at some point in our lives. Hmm I don’t seem to find an inspiration to write my first story. Well, atleast the first one for my blog. This story writing business seems to be a little difficult .Need to take care of a few points (not to step on any copyrights, not to plagiarize etc,etc,etc) or else it’ll turn out to be a disaster. Looks like it’ll turn out a disaster anyway if I don’t find the right inspiration soon. Bye for now. On my way out to find an inspiration…hoping to stumble upon one soon enough.


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Admiration or contempt, bring it on!

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