Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Blogger Tips

I have always felt the need to write and express myself.Writing has always been a passion which I have religiously pursued for a very long time.But, it was all limited to either writing as a hobby or for school and college magazines.

From a year or so,writing has taken a backseat.But yesteday,while writing a mail,a rather long one,it just crossed my mind as to why not start writing on my own blog.So here I am to pen down my thoughts and share it with the virtual world.

A question now arises as to what my blog will be all about.Well, it can be about anything;anything I feel is worth penning down.It might include any thought originating from either the left or the right side of my brain.

So I welcome you all to my page and I hope I can make it a pleasurable read for all of you.Open to comments,both positive and negative.So,lets begin the journey...


  1. Just the kind of first post, I would see myself writing, Pooja! Enjoyed reading the post.

  2. Nice, sweet little first post!!! And a cute little cartoon :)

    1. I love MS Excel for the cliparts. Thanks Fabida.:)

  3. Such a straightforward post. Seedha seedha bol diya! Some day, I should be able to be so simple :)

  4. A simple ,sweet , maiden post.BTW liked your signature.

  5. Yup, short and sweet, like you...said! :D


Admiration or contempt, bring it on!

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